Water Savings Turn-Key Solutions

Aqua Mizer

A Silent Leak From One Toilet Wastes over 75,000 Gallons & $608.25 Annually. The patented flood prevention system that we use is designed to eliminated flooding. Shuts off running water within 1 minute. With water savings and retrofitting solutions, you can increase your property value and improve your net operating income. Also, it reduces gallons per flush while increasing flush velocity.

Hundreds of Millions of Gallons will be saved – it cuts down on water waste, saves you money, and helps the environment! AquaMizer’s patented leak detection and flood prevention system eliminates water wastes and floods. Reduce Water & Sewer Bills by 36-43%.

Some VALVES reduce consumption and others reduce air in pipes, without affecting the pressure.

Reasons to Save Water 

There are too many uses for the water and the needing of it is undeniable 

1. Only 1% of Earth’s water is suitable for human consumption. Less water suitable for consumption means a higher cost for water 

2. According to data collected from www.ensia.com, since 2007, city water prices have risen at rates faster than the overall cost of living.

3. Our goal is to conserve this valuable resource by installing our specialty valves in as many high-consumption facilities as possible, thus reducing their usage and lowering the cost of their water every month. 

The VALVE was created to resolve the inefficiencies inherent in water delivery and consumption. Our patented and NSF certified process takes established principals of fluid dynamics and applies them Ito a financially rewarding application.

There is air in the pipe and all consumers are paying for it!

In the volume of water passing through your water meter, there is also a volume of air, and your water meter can NOT tell the difference! In order to measure proper water consumption, the most common water meters use a method known as Positive Displacement. This method is not limited to water: it measures the total volume of both water and air.

Free Leak Inspection & Water Bill Assessment

How does the application of a special Valve work?

The special VALVE compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter—the meter no longer measures it! Bills are less and the amount for the same amount of water usage!

Fine tune setting perfectly adjust to any facility and adjust to future system changes without ever having to turn off your water again.


Valves are available in all standard plumbing sizes. The valve is made in double flanged and double threaded (female NPT) configurations according to your system pipe size.

Every property is a candidate, specially: hotels, high rises, apartments, restaurants, laundromats, car washes, food/beverage, manufacturing, landscape irrigation, and many more.


VALVE’s of many sizes are designed to be installed on the USER side of the water meter. Installation is always performed by a licensed plumber and is a ‘Set to Forget it’ device. No maintenance, no operational costs and comes with a 10-year warranty.