RCS Group of Florida provides reliable contracting services to commercial, industrial, government and residential properties. Licensed, bonded and insured to offer a variety managed services.


Established in 2014, RCS Group of Florida was formed to provide property managers and owners, general contractors, and facilities of all types a reliable way to improve budgets, reduce waste and implement improvements. Were are experts when it comes to properties and our expertise support agility and create a “Partnership” approach. Customers count on us to go beyond. Our contribution begins with an idea and ends with a solution. Our mission is to ensure outcomes are met and we m manage what is necessary to get a job done! Strategies include short and long-term solutions, re-negotiating favorable contracts to work within budgets without compromising service and working within a stated timeline.

RCS Group understands South Florida’s unique culture and community. Our associates are bi-lingual and tenacious drivers, always eager to help. Our services promote savings solutions, budget management, service efficiency and sustainability. Our capabilities include 10 services to simplify life. We strive, meet and exceed the needs of our clients…it takes commitment, determination, passion and execution. That is the RCSG way! We operate with one principle in mind, PARTNERSHIP!


FOUNDER Elizabeth Mesegue has a proven track record. Born and raised in Miami, FL of Italian & Cuban decent, she is trilingual. academically accomplished, she holds two bachelors degrees and an MBA from FIU in Management and International Business. Her commitment is guaranteed and she holds all certifications, licenses, bonding and insurance required to do business with private and in the public sector within the State of Florida. Elizabeth’s vast experience in business offers a well rounded approach and expertise to any service where business management, development, and marketing is required. In April of 2014, Elizabeth started RCS Group of Florida with one concept in mind, PARTNERSHIP! South Florida’s building owners and managers count on her vision to offer reliable vendor sourcing and contracting services for all their building maintenance needs. Her staff of dedicated professionals are just as committed as she is to ensure reliable outcomes. Together, the RCS Group Team is constantly working to provide customers with quality services. RCSG’s growth can be attributed to continuous service delivery and organic growth. While always networking and seeking new opportunities, Elizabeth is result driven, tenacious, focused and adaptable. A force that delivers results daily!


Yomada Tejada has a Bachelor’s in “Architectural Design” from Unibe, Dominican Republic. Graduated from Miami Dade College with a degree in accounting, she has sustained over 10 years of experience in the field of janitorial and hospitality services. Her take charge and get it done attitude makes Yomara an incredible asset to the RCS Group of Florida team.She is highly regarded within the South Florida community and known best for her incredible ability to assist and respond favorably to customers and colleagues. Her ability to represent clients is refreshing, delightful, and very resourceful. Yomara is dependable and supportive of all tasks required by our clients and is always willing to help deliver solution.


Sofia Lara is our business development specialist and serves our prospects and customers with all the information required to conduct business and deliver favorable outcomes. Sofia also serves as a liaison between customers, subcontractors and end users, as well as, providing support the business development function by collaborating and networking. As a client liaison, Sofia serves as an extension of the management team during startups and supports project management. Her role provides resourceful and dependable solutions for our clients. Sofia is a master when it comes to strategic planning and sourcing. Her ability to network and connect with others contributes to the over all success of our organization.


A tried and true sales professional, Hugo Moreno holds a Bachelor in International Business from NSU. His career began in 2000 at our own Miami International Airport, wherein Hugo later segued into the field of building services where he has been providing exceptional sales and business development ever since. Hugo is bilingual and well-versed in residential and commercial markets. Among his experience, he offers leading- edge organizational skills, product promotion and customer service. Hugo’s innate ability to set, meet and erect opportunities, as well as, discuss, deliver and close business is among the best in the industry. Developing long term relationships by designing initiatives to provide turn key solutions based on target markets is his specialty. Hugo’s success is also apparent through his vast network of referrals and his continuous accolades


Leonard Lezcano is our inhouse estimator for Painting/Coating and Waterproofing. Leo understands our commitment to high standards and quality work. He oversees estimating for projects and conducts site inspections to ensure accuracy and transparency. His qualifications include strong communication skills, strong mathematical and up to date computer skills. He is experienced with reading and interpreting specs, plans and blueprints required for measuring and estimating project. This supports cost effective bidding. His vast experience in in the commercial and industrial constructions and painting industry helps us remain budget continence. Likewise, he supports our team with managing projects and people to ensure we stay in line with expectations. Responsibilities Include: – Analyze bids to prepare time, cost, material, labor estimates and proposals – Prepare professional written bids for projects of various size and scope – Prepare change orders and adjustments to cost estimates – Assist in managing project billing – Manage current projects, employees, and job costing – Prepare color plans for use by the painters in the field and meet crew at job to explain process – Bid follow-up – Build and maintain industry relationships to find and solicit bid opportunities – Assist in managing projects as needed, performing walk through and assessments for progress billing and project finalization.

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: Paint & Waterproofing Division

Arnolvys Leyva aka “Popi” is responsible for our paint and sealant divisions quality and outcome.  He has been in the paint industry for over twenty years and is a master in the trade. His ability to deliver exceptional customer service and attention to detail project over project has been one of the many contributors to our success. Popi demonstrates dedication and commitment to each client and project to ensure consistency, efficient and expectations are met.

Qualifications Include:

– Oversees all Commercial  Painting and Waterproofing projects

– Manages all equipment required for efficiency (sprayer, ladders, tools)

– Oversees transportation necessary to move all equipment from job to job

– Supports HR with hiring and managing crew

– Offers excellent customer service

– Maintains an organized and clean work area at all times

– Always on time and ready to work

– Knowledgable in matters of drywall finish

– Maintains a positive attitude and works in collaboration with other team members to get projects complete

– Offers great attention to detail and maintains quality standards to get it done right the first time

– OSHA Compliant