Paying for garbage is often ungoverned, in many cases the costs’ are variable and the expense seems unreasonably high. Property managers are always working hard to find their owners savings and reliable service providers. RCSGroup of Florida’s Solid Waste Savings and Management program is a offered to provide our customers with cost effective solutions to save money on the budget of individual properties. By conducting this analysis, we find that 9 out of 10 properties can pay less. As part of our strategy, we not only work to reduce price, we also look for the most cost effective solutions to restructure service in order to streamline the solid waste management without compromising service.

RCSGroup is aligned to work with all haulers nation wide to provided competitive waste management services. We have the tools, experience, and the expertise to manage all solid waste programs; whether you’re a residential property owner, property manager of a commercial space, or landlord. Our team of experts are skilled and qualified to find customized solutions in waste management specifically tailored to all unique property needs.

How do we get started? We review each property as a standalone project and offer the most suitable plan of action to optimize waste management. by following 3 simple steps in order to offer the best most suitable solutions.

Step 1. ASSESS It all begins with conducting a complete audit of your current waste services.  This will help us understand incorrect service levels, excessive cost, and billing errors.

Step 2. PLAN Once we complete the audit is complete, our experts create an authentic plan devised exclusively for each property.

Step 3. IMPLEMENT Lastly,  we establish a new agreement with the most competitive waste hauler and directly manage the account paying close attention to invoices monthly to prevent increases and surcharges, so our customers don’t have to.

This service is not only a cost effective way to reduce and control budget, it is offered at NO COST for all RCSGroup of Florida customers and partners.