RCSGroup of Florida provides reliable contracting services to commercial, industrial, government and residential properties. Licensed, bonded and insured to offer a variety managed services.


Established in 2014, RCSGroup of Florida was formed to provide property managers and owners, general contractors, and facilities of all types a reliable way to improve budgets, reduce waste and provide reliable outsourced services. Were are experts when it comes to properties and our expertise support agility and create a “Partnership” approach. Customers count on us to go beyond. Our contribution begins with an idea and ends with a solution. Our mission is to ensure outcomes are met and we m manage what is necessary to get a job done! Strategies include short and long-term solutions, re-negotiating favorable contracts to work within budgets without compromising service and working within a stated timeline.

RCSGroup understands South Florida’s unique culture and community. Our associates are bi-lingual and tenacious drivers, always eager to help. Our services promote savings solutions, budget management, service efficiency and sustainability. Our capabilities include 10 services to simplify life. We strive, meet and exceed the needs of our clients…it takes commitment, determination, passion and execution. That is the RCSG way! We operate with one principle in mind, PARTNERSHIP!


FOUNDER and CEO Elizabeth Mesegue has a proven track record. Born and raised in Miami, FL of Italian & Cuban decent, she is trilingual and academically accomplished. Elizabeth graduated in 2005 from Florida International University and holds a bachelors degree in Management and International Business. She returned to FIU in 2016 to obtain a masters degree in business and graduated top of her class with an MBA in Executive Business specialized in global studies.

Her vision for the company is to provide a unique service for facility owners and managers. Clients could rest assured entrusting RCSGroup with outsourced services is a commitment she guarantees will yield a reliable outcome every time. She holds all certifications, licenses, bonding and insurance required to do business with private and public sector companies within the State of Florida.

Elizabeth’s vast experience in business offers a well rounded approach and expertise to any service where business management, development, and marketing is required. In April of 2014, Elizabeth established RCS Group of Florida with one concept in mind, PARTNERSHIP!

South Florida’s building owners and managers count on her vision to offer reliable vendor sourcing and contracting services for all their building maintenance needs. Her staff includes dedicated professionals required to be committed as she is to ensure reliable outcomes. Together, the RCSGroup Team is constantly working to provide customers with quality services. RCSGroups growth can be attributed to continuous service delivery and organic growth. While always networking and seeking new opportunities, Elizabeth is result driven, tenacious, focused and adaptable. A force that delivers results daily!