Need a Generator for Hurricane Season? We can help you.

Residential Generator

Be Prepared for Hurricanes this Storm Season

The 2020 hurricane season certainly arrives at a unique moment in the history of our world. The global COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has certainly kept a number of Americans at home, sheltering in place while remaining under orders of social distancing.

Nonetheless, the hurricane season has arrived in South Florida once again and will last until November 30th, 2020. Although hurricane forecasts may vary each and every year, it only takes a single storm to disrupt your life.

At RCS Group of Florida, our team believes that preparing for the worst can help keep you, your family, as well as first responders out of harm’s way. For this reason, our team wants to extend a helping hand in not only offering our services to any individual that needs help purchasing a residential generator this hurricane season but also outlining some safety and usage information. Read on to learn more.

Planning Long-Term with a Generator for Your Home

RCS Group of Florida views our business as a leader in the South Florida community in regards to helping residents prepare for the worst. This includes emergency power solutions, in addition to preparedness. 

We offer you a manageable way that can help guide you through the storm season when you plan on staying home.

Surprisingly, a common element of any preparedness checklist that often remains missing is a residential generator. The most common reason is that installing and operating one is not something many individuals feel comfortable within the coming days prior to a storm’s arrival.

The lesson here is committing to planning long-term, in addition to seeking out professional help when needed. Our generators can offer power to a home when they need it most, instantaneously. In many cases, this means providing air-conditioning, heat, or refrigeration to a home seconds after these utilities go dark.

Enlist a Residential Generator from RCS Group of Florida

Our team sells generators to residential and commercial customers. In the case of residential individuals, this means keeping families, friends, and loved ones up and running when they remain in dire need.

Some people simply cannot enlist a generator for their needs prior to their storm with no truck for use, or funds to rent or buy a vehicle for pickup. This is no problem for our professionals at RCS Group of Florida as we will actually deliver the generator to your home.

Furthermore, we take the necessary time to go over all aspects of the residential generator equipment. Our specialists will set the equipment up, explain how it works, and finally, outline all applicable safety and use the information to guarantee you can rely on the equipment in the event of power loss.

Information on a Residential Generator from Our Team at RCS Group of Florida

If you or a loved one feel uncomfortable utilizing a residential generator, RCS Group of Florida believes it is crucial that you receive the help you need prior to the arrival of a potentially devastating storm. This is why we commit to helping those in need within the South Florida community.

With our help by your side, you can acquire the equipment and training you need to be prepared when the time comes to restore power to your home for the necessary essentials. To learn more about what we can do to help you, contact RCS Group of Florida today!