Stop Throwing Money Down the Toilet!


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Reducing indoor water use in residences and businesses can be accomplished through water-efficient toilets and plumbing. The standards typically impose a maximum on the amount of water used per flush by toilets and urinals.

Water and plumbing fixtures can offer home and business owners significant water savings, benefiting both the environment and their water bill! Water efficiency is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and money-saving measure that is ideal for virtually any plumbing system.

Even a silent leak from a single toilet wastes over 75,000 gallons and $608.25 per year. This is where the patented flood prevention system, AquaMizer from RCS Group of Florida, can provide a solution. Read on to learn more!

Save Water & Money with Our One of a Kind Patented Flood Prevention System

Our patented AquaMizer system is designed to eliminate flooding by shutting off running water within a minute. This system additionally reduces the number of gallons consumed per flush while increasing overall flush velocity.

Furthermore, the RCS Group of Florida system increases water savings by reducing water waste through the implementation of a specialized flapper design. This flapper outperforms any other product in the industry.

Save money and help the environment by installing an AquaMizer system. You could reduce water and sewage bills up to 43 percent!

Stop Throwing Water Down the Toilet

By choosing an AquaMizer system, home and business owners gain patented tank fill valves designed to stop flooding. The UL and Green Circle Certified fixtures limit flooding to one tank volume plus an additional 0 to 2.6 gallons.

These add-ons also stop the flow of water during slow leaks, reducing water consumption by 91 percent. As a result, this water savings system prevents catastrophic loss of a valuable resource while also saving on financial overhead in the form of water and sewage bills.

There is no reason to deal with toilet flooding and leaks again with the AquaMizer system. 

Making small changes in standard plumbing systems saves money when toilets bring unforeseen issues like small leaks and runs, as well as when using the fixtures by a reduction in flush volume.

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With utility bills continuing to increase at a rate that remains faster than the overall cost of living, RCS Group of Florida works to create solutions that conserve water as a valuable resource while also lowering the cost of water every month.

Our water-saving systems are designed for installation on the user side of the water meter, with no maintenance or operational cost installation. Your installation is always performed by a licensed plumbing professional as a set it and forget it device.

By signing up with our team from an AquaMizer system today, you can gain a free water bill assessment from our team that provides insight into what changes can be made to save the most water and the most money on your sewage and water bill.

To learn more about our variety of systems that we offer, as well as what our team can do to help you stop wasting money through your toilet and plumbing systems, contact RCS Group of Florida for more information today!